Exterior Design Trends

Exterior Design Trends

Exterior Design Trends

“Rows of houses that are all the same, and no one seems to care.” That was a song back in the 1960s, and was it ever true! American houses sure have changed since then. By the 1970s, that old concept of neighborhoods with houses that all looked alike was tossed out for dramatic statements that showed off homeowners’ individuality. Today, exterior design trends are bolder than ever, with clean lines, movement that flows with natural surroundings, and huge windows that let the sunshine in. For the past few decades, homes have been getting progressively bigger, bolder, and brighter. And, though a recent trend may be taking homes in a smaller direction, indeed, homeowners inBaltimore and throughout the country are still opting for breathing room and living space that enhances their lives and expresses their uniqueness.


As houses have grown in recent years, so have the windows that brighten them. One of the biggest trends in window installation and window replacement has been to opt for bigger, wider, and taller. Floor-to-ceiling windows that bring in the most natural sunlight possible are taking the place of their tiny ancestors. Of course, the design of a house’s windows depends on that home’s architecture. And, as Americans are more interested than ever in expressing themselves in all they do, the biggest trend in exterior designs means nothing if it’s not what a homebuyer prefers. If a home is more traditional, in the style of Victorian, for instance, bay or bow windows can accentuate it beautifully. Even these, however, are getting bigger to allow for brighter interiors. More contemporary homes, however … the kind that typically come with clean, crisp lines and sleeker backdrops … are trending with huge windows that don’t skimp on the dramatic.


Even doors are getting into the act, as the windows on these are trending as tall, wide, and wonderful. As across the country people are electing for more elegance and luxury, wide-opening doors are getting more and more popular. Experts disagree on whether homes are growing or shrinking, but one thing is clear … glass is king in today’s market. And, as homeowners cut back on other luxuries, they’ve weighed in loud and clear on the importance of bringing the outdoors inside, with the latest trends heading in the direction of wide-opening doors that make living spaces feel bigger. In fact, windows and doors that are taller and wider are becoming the industry standard. And the reason for this trend is becoming clear … Americans love drama. Wide doors and windows make a daring statement that impresses from both the inside and the outside. Modern exterior design trends are now directed toward drawing the most attention possible from the street. If you’re opting for window or door replacements, especially if you’re electing the larger sizes that allow in more light, it’s best to contact a licensed window replacement contractor, as installing these will get very tricky.

Energy efficiency

Make no mistake, though … today’s exterior designs are not just about the bold and the beautiful. They’re about functionality and energy efficiency. As more Americans opt for a balance between technology and nature, exterior home designs that incorporate more sunlight for savings and conservation are gaining popularity. Solar panels are on the rise in new home construction, especially as the government has increased tax credits to homeowners who have them. In addition, larger windows that bring in more sunlight make a home feel bigger and more open, even for new homes that will be built smaller. Again, in today’s modern exterior design trends, it’s all about space for breathing and space for life. Additionally, the trend toward taller and wider windows and doors makes a home easier on the wallet, not to mention the Earth’s resources, simply because they open wider. This allows in more breezes in summer, especially if windows are strategically placed on opposing sides of the house to create cross breezes. Finally, these windows and doors are less of a drain on your home’s air conditioning unit and, with a lagging economy, installing large and more windows has grown in popularity because of the impact on monthly cooling and heating bills. Newer, energy efficient window replacements often contain a label from the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). This is a nonprofit organization that helps consumers who are shopping for energy efficient windows. Products such as windows, doors, and skylights that contain the NFRC label are put through rigorous tests to ensure quality and performance.

Bottom line, modern exterior design trends are more about individuality, functionality, and saving money than anything else. While some experts insist big homes are on the rise, others deny it, saying homes are getting smaller. Whatever the latest trends, though, homeowners inMarylandand around the country seem to be more into personal expression now more than ever, and windows trends are key. If you’re considering window replacements, contact a qualified, window replacement contractor in your area for more information about how new trends in window designs can add to the beauty and functionality of your home.