Green Home Remodeling

This guest post was written by David Lionetti.

David Lionetti is the owner of Shoreline Pools and is an expert on remodeling the exterior of any home.  Shoreline Pools is a pool design and construction company in Greenwhich Ct.

Remodeling the exterior of your home … it’s both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You’ve planned this for years, and now you’re finally ready to do it. You have some ideas about how you want the exterior of your house to look, and you’re ready to forge ahead … but you want to keep the costs down as much as possible, too. That’s where green home remodeling comes in. Believe it or not, there are quite a few actions you can take that will save both money and natural resources. And the maintenance required with green remodeling often pales in comparison to the upkeep of an ungreen house. Here are some tips and benefits to incorporating green into your next exterior home remodeling project.Green Home Remodeling


One of the simplest and most profitable ways to incorporate green into your home exterior remodeling design is with paint. And, as far as ‘green’ paint goes, healthy is the key word. It’s true, green paints are just plain healthier. They aren’t just better for the environment of the world … they’re better for your environment. Green paints don’t contain the toxic chemicals that so often adversely affect health. In fact, if you have children or pets, green is the only way to go. Not only do toxic paints contribute to indoor and outdoor pollution that, if breathed in, can cause health problems; they also get into the ground water, causing contamination to your drinking water supply. For instance, did you know that non-green paints often contain formaldehyde? Wait a minute … isn’t that what morticians use? Yes! And you certainly don’t want formaldehyde in your drinking water. If you use a ‘green’ paint for your exterior design project, you won’t have to worry about the toxic side effects of formaldehyde, or any of the other chemicals found in regular paints.

When choosing one of the greener paints, the term to remember is ‘VOC.’ These are ‘volatile organic compounds’ that are emitted by traditional paints. VOCs creep through the air outdoors and even find their way indoors through open doors and windows. When buying green paint, ask for low-VOC or no-VOC, and make sure it’s formaldehyde-free.


Another simple way to incorporate green into your exterior design project is with solar-powered lights. There are so many solar light fixture around these days, you can find anything you want in solar that you can find in other types of fixtures. Solar lighting has been around for a long time now, and any home improvement store you visit will have tons of designs and styles. Pulling light directly from the source of it all … the sun itself … really is the smartest way to light the exterior of your home. Additionally, besides being easy on the environment and the Earth’s natural resources, solar lights are easy on your wallet as well. And, as a renewable energy source, solar-powered light fixtures are as eco-friendly as it gets.


Green Siding

Green Siding

If you’re planning a home exterior design project with siding, you may be thinking vinyl or aluminum. But the truth about these products is that they are not just bad for the environment; they’re hazardous to your family’s health. Vinyl is produced with polyvinyl chloride, or PVC. It’s made of a combination of petroleum and salt that’s heated, and when it’s all done, you’ve got a toxic gas that doesn’t just hang around the outside of your home … it lurks around your house finding ways to get indoors. The process used to make vinyl can also be toxic when you’re trying to remove it. Metal siding decays and rusts over time, and that means you’re just going to have to replace it again sooner than you care to embark on another exterior home design project. The best green choices for siding are the ones that come straight from nature … stone and brick. And, besides being better for the health of your family, these natural products are just more beautiful to look at. And isn’t that one of the biggest things you’re looking for in your exterior design remodel … beauty?

Your home is your castle, your showplace, the place you go to spend quality time with family and friends. And now that you’ve decided to go ahead with that exterior home remodeling project, the last thing you need is to create more health hazards for your loved ones. Green products are not just about a healthier environment. They’re about a healthier you. And you don’t have to go all out when going green. Try one of these tips on greener exterior design ideas. Your house and your family will thank you for it.