How to Increase Home Value

Add a Sunroom

Add a Sunroom

If you want to increase your home’s value it is not always just about “keeping up with the Joneses” but enhancing the exterior of your home.  Sometimes, even though your home’s exterior is in perfect shape, and the landscaping is superb, there is always that something extra that can be added for improved curb appeal and increased value to your home.

A trending word these days is “repurposing” – taking what you already have and making it into something better.   Remodeling your home is akin to repurposing it, only you don’t turn it into another object, just a better version of the prior home … think of it as upgrading.

Few tweaks

Sometimes the smallest addition makes the biggest impact.  For example, a new, beautiful wood front door with an ornate stained glass inset could “make” the front of your home.  Likewise, plopping a porch pot with a bounty of seasonal flowers near a two-seater bench by that front door will most definitely lend ambiance to your home. A rocking chair on the porch adds a touch of hominess and says “welcome friends” that sometimes supersedes any type of remodeling efforts.

Fresh paint

Even a fresh coat of paint will work wonders to refresh a tired home, even if that home looked perfectly fine in your eyes, before you started that task.  A new paint color will boost your home’s curb appeal as soon as the paint dries.  But paint it a pain sometimes – wood siding, trim, doors, and windows – they all are needy over time.  They begin to chip and crack and then, besides looking ugly, they invite water damage … then your real problems begin.  So you must maintain your house on a constant basis to keep it looking good and so it does not decrease in value.

Add a Sunroom

Some of the most-popular exterior remodeling ideas these days center on the addition of amenities for pleasure, like a pool or a sunroom.  The pool does not necessarily add any curb appeal to your home since it is neatly tucked in your backyard living space, but it might add resale value, down the road, depending on the neighborhood in which you live and the design, style and size of your pool.

A sunroom, like a pool, is a present that you give to yourself.  Granted, the months of June, July and August may have you hibernating indoors with the air conditioning cranked to the maximum level to give you some comfort from the 100-plus temps outside.  But, though you may not want to be hanging around outside at the pool’s edge, or, even stepping on that concrete that is so hot you could fry an egg on it, you live in Arizona for a reason – you love the desert, the sun and the heat.  A sunroom can permit you to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors in this beautiful state while sitting in the comfort of your air-conditioned home.  A completely glassed-in sunroom, including the perimeter and even the ceiling, could be a way to still enjoy the sunshine without being directly outside in those harmful rays.  After all, we do listen to the media telling us about the harm the sun can bestow on our skin over the years.  A sunroom would allow you to enjoy the beauty of the sunset in the desert on a hot Summer’s night, just as easily as gazing at one of these incredulous Super Moons we’ve been seeing lately in the dark of night.  Imagine the cool breeze wafting through the screened-in windows cooling you off at the end of each day.

A patio with amenities

If you are a traditional Arizonian, and the thought of spending any more time than necessary indoors describes you to a “T”, then why not consider enlarging an existing patio or adding a new patio to your outdoor living space?  After all, you could enjoy such a patio year-round, unlike your friends who shiver and huddle in their homes in the cold-weather states over half of the year.  Some of the trending features for patios these days include outdoor kitchens or large fire pits (not just for ambiance, but for those evening that creep down as low as the 40 and 50-degree mark).  Brick pizza ovens are also a fun and frivolous way to enjoy the good company of friends and family, who, like you, have decided to make their home in a state which enjoys sunshine approximately 250 days a year.

Porch sitting

Porch sitting has become a new national pastime, so if the idea of a sunroom or large patio area does not readily appeal to you, perhaps you’d like the idea of building a larger porch on the front of your home, and enjoying the cool desert night air from the vantage of your front yard.  It gives easy access to friends and neighbors who want to stop by and catch up and adding a bigger or wider porch, or screened-in porch enclosure, will permit you to spend more cool evenings without worrying about swatting pesky insects.  A screened-in porch also allows you to enjoy the outdoors even when it is raining or it is windy without the inconvenience of water or dust entering the interior of your home, as might happen if the windows were open in a sunroom.

New roof design

If your roof is over twenty years and of the asphalt-shingle variety, you might want to get a new roof, and in doing so, go for an aesthetic look, rather than the usual staid asphalt shingle look.  Choosing a new roof may be not only a practicality, i.e. – you choose materials such as slate, terra cotta or concrete tiles, all which are heavy and durable, slow to heat up in that hot Arizona sun, thus keeping your home cooler.  Not only are these roofing mediums practical, but they have wonderful aesthetic value as well, since they come in a wide variety of colors and textures – any one of them are sure to complement and enhance your home tenfold.   At the outset, the cost of replacing a roof might seem expensive, but the above-listed materials are much more durable than asphalt shingles and will endure, without replacement, for many years.  A new roof can account for 40% of a home’s look from the curb, so this is a wise investment for now, and it will always add increased value to your home going forward.

Garage ideas

If your garage is looking worn or shabby looking, and structurally it is still sound, you might want to consider replacing the garage door.  There are a wide variety of doors available now, from simple recessed doors with a row of neat and uniform windows, to doors that cater to a specific architectural style, wherein you can match the door perfectly to your home.  A new garage door sometimes is just the fix to perk up the façade of your home.

Architectural enhancements

While the easy addition of a new garage door is a great idea, some architectural changes or enhancements to your home will give it a fresh new look as well.  Replacing faded vinyl siding with new siding, perhaps even in a trending or brand-new color, will brighten your home instantly.  If your home is large enough, you might consider building a small balcony above the front door.  To add a new dimension to your windows, add decorative shutters or window dividers, a/k/a mullions, which will give depth to your windows.  Identical moldings around the front of the house and garage doors will harmonize and bring the whole look together.

The remodeling possibilities for your home are endless.  There are simple DIY fixes to enhance your home and add instant curb appeal; some involve using a professional contractor.  Find yourself an expert in home remodeling in Tempe, Arizona area to get the job done right and make your home stand out like a jewel in the neighborhood.