Remodeling The Garage

Garage Structures

Garage Structures

In a warm-weather state it is preferable to have a garage to keep the car in at all times to avoid sun damage to the car’s interior and to prevent the car’s exterior paint color from fading.  Further, if you’ve ever stepped into a car on a hot day … well, you know the advantage of keeping your car parked in a cool garage, as opposed to having it sitting outside with the sun beating down on it.

Types of garage structures

There are two types of garage structures – attached and detached.   The latter is also referred to as a stand-alone garage.

Depending on the size and style of your home, an attached garage is not always necessarily accessible from the inside of the house, a fact that many people with attached garages without inside access will bemoan on a rainy day or in the late evening.

If you are considering any enhancements to the exterior of your garage, here are a few ideas for adding curb appeal to your home with your newly remodeled garage.

Update the look of your garage

Sometimes replacing a sagging garage which has seen better days, with a more-modern structure, is not advisable, especially if the garage is a stand-alone structure which adds character to the home, i.e. it is of a historical nature, or truly complements the home.  Why not repurpose that garage, by bolstering it up and restoring it to its original glory?  This idea would be preferable to just knocking it down and building another structure.  In fact, if building a new garage from scratch, or going all out is on your garage wish list, you may want to consider some remodeling enhancements which will enable your garage to complement your home in ways you never thought possible.  Here are three main components that would enable you to modernize, or simply change the look of your garage, without rebuilding from the ground up.

  • Exterior – If the garage structure is wood, why not put a matching brick facade on it?  Likewise, if the garage is clad in aluminum or vinyl siding, the siding would be removed, and a wood structure in its place would transform a plain sided garage to one with a rustic look.
  • Garage door – If the actual structure of your garage is sound and you only wish to enhance the garage, you may consider just getting a new garage door.  The old garage door can simply be removed and a newer, more-modern door put in its stead.  There are many options to how elaborate that new door may be, and, one of the easiest ways to complement your home is to choose a door that harmonizes with the home.  If there is not a dominating architectural style to your home, simply replacing a plain garage door with a new door with simple window insets will visually balance the facade of the home and add design interest.  If you want to have more elaborate adornments on the garage door that will exactly emulate the front of the home, or, even if you want to just try matching an elegant front door, all these ideas will bring an exquisite look to your garage.  Some examples of harmonizing would be replacing your garage door with one that duplicates a French-door facade, and this is especially popular if the windows in the garage door resemble the front windows of the house.  A replacement garage door, which includes linear-type windows, decorative panels to add a three-dimensional look, topped off with a little brass hardware, will take your boring garage door and give it some much-needed pizzazz.  If you are looking to just do a minor tweak to your garage door, here’s a simple trick:  affix four black, powder-coated decorative garage door hinges to the front of an otherwise-plain garage door to complement a Colonial-style home and instantly give it added curb appeal.  Adding the same type of decorative hinges, in a smaller size, to a nearby gate will harmonize the gate with the garage and the entire new look is done fairly inexpensively.  Another easy way to give your garage door some punch is by adding door pulls to the center of a double set of garage doors – this gives the illusion of Carriage House doors.  Finally, if your home has a rustic facade, you might want to consider getting a plain garage door with a stained, wood-look finish.
  • Access door (if applicable) – As a general rule, a door to access the garage so you do not have to enter the garage using the actual garage door, is only found in detached garages.  Otherwise, the door to access the garage is inside the house.  The garage access door has come a long way since the simple steel door of the past.  Now, the door is fashioned in a style that is tailor-made to match your house.  The range of garage door styles runs the gamut from contemporary to cottage-style doors, most of which still have the added security of being made out of steel, just not so blah and boring anymore.  To add interest to your home, especially when the facade of the garage faces forward, or toward the street or front of the house, it is important to choose an access door which complements the garage, the garage door and the house.

Rebuilding a garage

Here are a few trending garage ideas if you are totally replacing, as opposed to simply remodeling, a current garage.  It is likely that you’ll want to go with either a larger or more-modern style if you elect to demolish and totally replace your existing structure.

  • Three-car-garage – This is a trending style for rebuilds or new home construction.  A three-car garage will cover a significant percentage of the front of your home and provide a parking area for three automobiles or two automobiles and significant storage space.
  • Double garage doors that conceal the garage – Another contemporary look is a garage that is concealed behind a large double set of doors.  Unlike a traditional garage door which simply rolls up, either manually or electrically, these doors open up like Carriage House doors.  It is a novel concept wherein there is nothing in this look to indicate there is a traditional garage concealed behind the closed doors.
  • If you have decided to remove the garage for any reason – perhaps the structure is unstable, or you just never use the garage, preferring to park in the driveway, why not consider having a carport built?  It will protect your car from the relentless rays of the sun, thus keeping it cooler.  The look may be more streamlined look for your home and will provide easy access from a door inside the home.

However you decide to revamp your garage, be sure to contact a contractor experienced in exterior remodeling in Phoenix, to help you maximize the use of your new addition as to design and balance to your home.  Once your new garage is finished, and you’ve christened it with your car or cars, be sure to peruse the internet sites on keeping your garage clutter free, so it stays just as perfect in the interior as the exterior.