Sunroom Design Trends

“Let the Shine In” was not only the featured song in the 1967 musical “Hair” but it is also the mantra if you live in a warm-weather place like Mesa, Arizona.  You’d better like it hot, because the average temperatures in the warmest months of June through August, are 100 degrees plus!Sunroom Design

Though it might seem that Arizonians would spend the bulk of those warmest months hunkered down in air-conditioned places like their home, car or the shopping mall, they must like that dry heat or they wouldn’t live in such a hot climate.

Of course, there are plenty of days the rest of the year that are not scorchers, and enjoying a little warm air is tolerable, especially if you have a beautiful sunroom that is part of your living area.

There are two types of sunroom additions to consider, i.e. the most-popular method of just adding a built-on room, or the less-popular way of merely converting a large room to a sunroom with the addition of floor-to-ceiling windows.

But, let’s look at the options available if you are considering a total remodeling addition to your home.  Bear in mind, however, that such an extensive revision to your home’s existing structure, like the work that building a sunroom would entail, is best left to the professionals.  A home remodeling contractor in Mesa, Arizona, would be the ideal expert to contact if you’re interesting in getting a sunroom and to discuss what current designs are trending for sunrooms.

Benefits of a sunroom

A sunroom can merely be a large room which has been converted with large, screened-in windows and is used primarily to enjoy the outside beauty without contending with those outside elements such as pests or inclement weather.

As mentioned above, more often than not, a sunroom is a special structure that is built onto one side of your home.  Instead of traditional walls that are made out of brick, the “walls” are made of glass, i.e. windows with screens.  The sunroom is usually large, and permits a panoramic view of outdoors, and, due to its many windows, the room is bathed in a pleasing light and warmth.

In a warm or hot climate, such as Arizona, the air conditioning might very well be on all the while the sun is streaming in.  A sunroom will allow you to enjoy the warm day, even though a gusty wind is blowing or rain is falling.  Even after the sun goes down for the evening, the sunroom, with its screened-in feature, can still be enjoyed to take in the cooler evening air sans nasty insects.

As with most renovation projects, not only will you enjoy your sunroom for many years, but, should you decide to sell your home, a sunroom will garner great resale value.

Design trends

A remodeling expert can show you various materials for your consideration when selecting a design for the sunroom.  As mentioned above, glass is the primary feature of a sunroom, allowing the sun’s rays to filter into the room, illuminating the area.  A door wall to access the outside would also be made out of glass, and, if you really would like to be immersed in sunbeams, as well as to have full access to the night sky, especially if you are a stargazer, why not consider permitting the roof to be constructed of glass as well?  A glass ceiling would optimize your view by 100%.  Glass ceilings are not really the norm, nor are they the most-popular feature of a sunroom, but it can be done if you’re so inclined.  Most homeowners, however, opt to have skylights put into their sunroom, so there is extra sunlight streaming from above into the room.

The sunroom may be constructed of many types of materials.  You may utilize brick to match the exterior brick of your home, and this would provide a more-rustic feel to the room.  Wood is also a popular choice for a setting that is warm and cozy.

Tweaking the sunroom

A lot of sun is nice, of course, or you wouldn’t be living in a sunny city like Mesa.  But, while basking in the sun is mighty fine, the sun not only wreaks havoc with your skin, it also bleaches your wood furniture, upholstery and rugs as well.  The simplest solution is to install blinds around the perimeter of the sunroom, which can be just raised or lowered according to the degree of sunshine you wish to filter into the room.  Thus, furnishings and upholstery are preserved from sun damage.

Sunroom Design

A suggestion for keeping the sunroom on the cool side during the heat of the day, while still enjoying the sun shining in, would be to install a few ceiling fans.  The larger the room, the more fans can be installed, and, the larger the blade, will thus create more blade sweep or more air circulation, cooling you immensely while you enjoy the sunshine.

On the other side of the spectrum, however, some people like to have fireplaces built right into the sunroom – a nice touch for cool nights, though hardly necessary in Mesa, but a fireplace, especially a gas or electric type, would provide ambiance to a rustic or cozy setting.

The person in the home with the green thumb will welcome the addition of a sunroom because it will permit a paradise for plants to thrive, especially the low-maintenance and typical Arizona plant, the succulent or cactus.  These flowers or plants in your sunroom will only serve to enhance that special tie to nature that this special room will give you.

Most sunrooms are used in a rather informal manner, so the décor would be largely casual and why not add bright and cheery colors to complement that sun that is shining so brightly into the room?

In some upscale homes, however, a sunroom may be used exclusively as a dining room, with an elegant chandelier, and an exquisite dining room set, which would be utilized for formal-type dinners or gatherings.

Hopefully, the wonderful attributes of owning a sunroom listed above will spur you to contact your local home remodeling expert here in the Mesa, Arizona area soon.