Exterior Paint Colors for a Victorian Home

Colors for a Victorian HomeWhen you extol the virtues of a Victorian-style home, you must mention the exquisite architecture and sometimes unusual colors that make that style of home so perfect.

Back in the day, when Victorian homes were all the rage, though they were all lined up in a row, they never looked like cookie-cutter images of one another.  Sure, the architecture looked alike sometimes, but the unusual combination of colors is what made the striking difference in the neighborhood.

Anyone can slap some siding on their home and call it done.  It is less maintenance for you and the home looks colorful and tidy, that is, until the siding eventually starts to fade or a sudden hailstorm pits it, necessitating replacement.  Besides, most people have siding – there is nothing extraordinary about it anymore.

The multi-colored hues on a Victorian-style home, on the other hand, is what sets it apart from the rest of the hum-drum homes.  It would be a real travesty to paint any old color onto such a beautiful façade, and, if this is the first paint job for your prized possession, it would behoove you to contact a top house painter in New Jersey to ensure that you will capture the spirit and glory of a true Victorian-style home.

Not only will a professional painting contractor be able to assist you in picking the perfect color combinations, but he will also be able to recommend the specific type of long-lasting, and fade-proof paint which will preserve your little gem for many years to come.

Victorian-style homes require an extensive painting job since they are made entirely of wood, even the roof which often consists of wood shingles.  The paint job for your house should really be undertaken by an expert because of the extent of the intricate and ornate details for which this style of architecture is so famously noted for.

Another reason for hiring a skilled residential painter, is that the very architectural idiosyncrasies of the design of a Victorian house will likely frustrate you, but an experienced painter will shimmy up his ladder to reach those turrets and towers with much more ease than you ever will.  An experienced painter will welcome the opportunity to scramble up and down an extension ladder to paint those tall and skinny houses and will complete a beautiful painting job on those time-consuming, and sometimes challenging intricate railings, columns, gables and scrollwork.  Those items sure are tricky to paint, but an experienced house painter can handle it – after all, he is a pro.  Likewise he’ll pick the perfect combo of colors for your double-decker or wrap-around porch, making your Victorian-style home look just as perfect as when it was originally created.

Picking the colors

There are a wide palette of paint colors to choose from.  You need not necessarily repaint using the home’s original color scheme – why not try something different and unique?

Color suggestions

Victorian HomesWhile the majority of Victorian-style homes are painted in pretty pale pastels, why not choose to go a little bolder and brighter with the new paint job?  Your professional painter can counsel you on the best colors for that gingerbread gem.  And, if you live in a neighborhood where this style of architecture is prevalent, you need not let your house just meld into the surrounding neighbor’s color schemes.  The beauty of a Victorian-style home is that you may retain its authenticity and inject a little of your own personality into the home by choosing unique or more-vibrant colors to make your home stand out in the crowd.  A row of homes could be exactly identical in size and shape, but if each homeowner competed to pick decidedly different colors for their respective homes, that neighborhood would be just as pretty as a peacock.  If you’ve ever traveled to San Francisco and seen the row of Victorian homes known as the “Seven Painted Ladies” you’ll understand the concept of the words “bright”, “beautiful” and expressing “individuality”.

Mix and match the dark and light colors

As a general rule, Victorian-style homes’ paint combinations utilize at least three different colors of paint.  As mentioned above, some homes opt for a pastel palette consisting of cotton candy hues, while others go with a less-colorful, but more regal-looking and distinctive look.  This color combination is referred to as a “restrained” Victorian home.  In that case, though the colors are subdued, the architecture, especially the sweeping entrance to the home and elaborate porch tips you off to the Victorian architecture.  If Victorian-style homeowners eschew the pastel palette, they are usually most likely to embrace the colors of the Queen Anne style, which is what most people actually associate with the Victorian architectural style.  Those colors would be a little unusual, i.e. often they are blue-green hues, and shades of purple and yellow, all which revisit the original colors from approximately 1840 to 1900.

Another favorite color scheme for those who prefer more sedate color tones for their home, is the traditional tri-color theme of a dark grayish-blue with bright-white trim and rust-colored accents.  The accent color actually hearkens back to the original paint color shades created years ago from natural pigments containing ferric oxide (a/k/a rust).  Those natural-looking paint hues today have durability far beyond their counterparts from back in the day.

You may have dreamed of owning a beautiful Victorian-style home for a very long time.  Now as an owner of this little gem you so covet, don’t trust the paint job for that home to anyone else but a pro – contact a top house painter in New Jersey today.