Exterior Décor Trends for The Unique Home

Light Exterior Paint ColorsThe simplest and least-expensive way to refresh and rejuvenate your home is to repaint it.  There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to make the house stand out from the others in the neighborhood.  No matter how often you power wash your bright-white trim it still looks a little dingy and cannot stand up to a fresh coat of paint.  If you’re ready to trudge down to the paint store to pick up that same-old, same-old exterior paint color for your repainting job, why not rethink those colors and instead be a little bold and innovative and go for a brand-new house color.  Why not let your home reflect a little of your own personality?  If you’re cautious and just a little timid about this undertaking, why not consult with a house painting contractor in Essex County, New Jersey to see if he has pointers on paint colors to assist you?  Who knows you might even let him take over that big painting project and leave yourself with a little R&R instead!

Your expert contractor has seen and painted it all – from baby bungalows to rambling ranch homes and Cape Cods to Victorian-style homes.  He’ll tell you if that paint color chip you like will look good on the outside of your home, before you make the mistake and paint a really ugly color that you will be stuck with.  He’ll recommend trim and accent colors too, as well as suggest the color for your front door.  There – that wasn’t so difficult was it?

Going for the unique

No matter the size of your home, always try to make it an extension of yourself.  Sometimes you must eschew the ordinary and go for the extraordinary.  Taking advantage of your home’s fine architectural qualities, and, being careful to pair up those strong attributes with  unique details and ambiance such as outdoor lighting, pleasant-looking landscape and bright colors are what make your home so memorable and allow it to stand out in the neighborhood.  Even a brightly colored front door with a charming wreath is so inviting that it beckons people to come in and “sit awhile”.  Creative home extensions and ambient lighting all help to create  a beautiful exterior design that is all you.  Consider replacing your boring asphalt shingle roof with a new one geared to coordinate with your new house paint color for a totally fresh look. Choose from cedar shake or the trendier new metal roof colors.  From there, the sky’s the limit as you’ll pick bold and beautiful colors for all trims and accents adding even more curb appeal.

Choosing an exterior paint color can be a daunting task.  An exterior paint job can be costly by the time you factor in all the primer, paint and accessories if you do it yourself, and then a painting contractor as well, if you go that route.  It is a major investment and not something you take lightly or redo annually.  So, you really want to pick a good brand of paint that will  be durable and make your home look good for many years to come, all the while showing it off to its full potential.  A darker tone of paint looks stylish and elegant, especially on larger homes.  As to durability, you might think a darker-toned home will not show the dirt, thus eliminating the need to wash the house down every year.  But this is not true.  Darker-colored house paints are prone to fading – even a pretty cornflower blue will eventually fade in time, where a pale blue shade or ecru color will stay constant.

Choosing the correct color schemes will enhance the architectural beauty of your home and emphasize its features.

Go to the dark side

Dark Exterior Paint ColorsColors in the range of black, blue or the trendier shades of wine tend to make a medium-sized house look smaller and cozier, and actually feel warmer in the Winter, but poses multiple maintenance problems over light-colored exterior colors.

Dark exterior paint colors absorb the heat and are subject to more moisture freezing issues than lighter-colored paint colors.  Lighter house paint lasts much longer, and makes a house feel cooler and visually increases window sizes, creating an inviting exterior décor.

Your choice for exterior colors will totally change the look of the house –  light colors are used to increase a home’s size making the house design actually look visibly lighter and larger.

Selling your home

Whether you want your home to be a showpiece on the block or you are positioning it for a sale, your expert paint job will create curb appeal and draw people like a magnet.

If you’re looking to sell your home, real estate mavens will tell you that a fresh coat of paint, including the trim, shutters, window frames, and the front door will work wonders to add instant appeal to your home.  They suggest using traditional paint colors, following the lead of the neighbors’ homes.   Of course, neutral is a primo choice because you can work a little color into the trim and accents to keep it trendy, yet colorful.  If your home’s colors are too bright or too dark, they might not appeal to potential buyers, who will look to the exterior of the home when perusing houses that are for sale, and might not want the burden and expense of a new paint job along with the other expenses associated with moving into a new home.

Pizzazz and personality

But if you plan on staying a long time at your abode, feel free to add a little of your own personality to that paint job.  Consider a darker house paint just for kicks – dark purplish-black might sound a tad outlandish… after all, who wants their home to look like an eggplant?  But, it will gain a regal air and when paired with such unusual trim and accent colors as warm yellow, lilac, brownish-orange, terracotta, turquoise and reddish-pink, you are looking at a paint job made more perfect as it is truly brimming with the owner’s personality.