Most Common Landscaping Mistakes

Backyard Gazebo

Backyard Gazebo

Nothing makes a home look and feel more inviting than beautiful landscaping. In fact, statistics show that homes that have exquisite and welcoming landscaping sell nearly two to one over homes that have no landscaping at all. However, there is one thing that’s even worse than a home with no landscaping. You guessed it … a home with bad landscaping. An appealing lawn is an important component in pulling together the allure and hominess of every house. But, if your home’s landscaping is poorly planned or executed, then it’s negating all the hard work you’ve done on the house itself. Here are tips on some of the biggest landscaping mistakes, how to avoid them, and what to do instead.

Lack of a plan

Perhaps the two biggest mistakes homeowners make when landscaping are not making a plan beforehand and not developing a budget. Not having a plan before you begin working is a bad idea. Landscaping is like just about any other project, and if you don’t develop a plan ahead of time, you can end up wasting a ton of time and money. Before you begin doing any planting, and especially before you purchase anything for your landscaping project, measure your yard and sketch out its contents on graph paper. Then decide what you want to include in your landscaping and add it onto the graph paper in an attractive design. If it doesn’t look good on paper, chances are it won’t look good on your yard.

When it comes to lacking a plan one thing that is often overlooked is designing your backyard for the purpose you need.  We would like the backyard to be all things to all people and include everything under the sun, a pool, deck, gazebo, playground for the kids and a waterfall, but unfortunately a limited budget and limited space make it impossible and you have to choose what you really want.  Ask yourself how you plan to use the backyard and go from there.  If you’ve always dreamed of having a gazebo in your backyard you should contact a gazebo design specialist in Wilmington to see how to make your dream a reality!.  A top Wilmington contractor who specializes in gazebo design will go over your options  and will build the gazebo of your dreams.

Lack of a budget

The second biggest mistake people make when embarking on a landscaping project is not coming up with a feasible budget that they can stick to closely. Recent statistics show that landscaping is upwards of 25 percent more costly than any other home improvement project. Surprising, when you think about all the other home improvement projects there are, but it’s a fact … plants aint cheap! Factor in all the other things you need for your landscaping project, such as tools, pots, buckets, water, hoses, etc., and you can see a pretty penny float out of your bank account if you haven’t developed a realistic budget beforehand.

Backyard design

Backyard design

Lack of balance

Planting your yard in a hodgepodge of color, style, and shape is a big mistake in the landscaping game. The idea for landscaping your yard is to make it look better, not worse. Of course, you don’t just want it to look better; you want it to look beautiful, and if you’ve got asymmetry and a mismatch of plants, sizes, color, etc., then you might as well put the tools in the garage and go watch TV. Again, making a plan beforehand is the key to balance in your landscaping project.

Lack of proper irrigation

Naturally, your plants need water, and if you haven’t set up the proper amount of irrigation at the right times that your plants need it, you’ve got a problem. It’s vital that you know before planting just how much water everything needs, when it needs it, and how often. When you’ve learned these aspects of landscaping, develop a plan to get your lawn and plants the water they need when they need it. An automatic timer or lawn sprinkler can be a major help.

Lack of variety

Few things can kill the beauty of your yard more than a lack of diversity. It’s a safe bet that boring wasn’t what you had in mind for your landscaping project. However, if you’ve got a lack of variety, then you’ve just spent a lot of time and money on a bunch of ho-hum and humdrum. With symmetry in mind, choose a variety of colors, sizes, and shapes, and incorporate all these elements into your graph paper plan.

Lack of maintenance

If you don’t maintain the landscape properly, then all that hard work was for naught. Make sure when you’re developing your plan that you add in the proper maintenance of every type of plant. Make a schedule that you know you’ll be able follow, and be sure to stick to it. Always remember that your lawn is alive, and that means that everything in it needs continuous care.


The landscaping of your home is every bit as important as the beauty and decor of the house itself. A well-executed landscaping plan can take a home from drab to dazzling, and it doesn’t have to take months of hard work. Avoiding the most common mistakes people make in landscaping can make all the difference in your home’s curb appeal.