Trends in Roofing Materials

health benefits of poolsIs it unusual or frivolous to purchase a new roof for your home simply for aesthetic purposes rather than because your roof is aging, has deteriorated or is leaking?

Indeed, a leaking roof will send you scurrying to the internet or thumbing through the Yellow Pages to find the name of a good roofing contractor posthaste. You might be conflicted as to whether you need a new roof, a re-roof, or if you should consider a repair by a residential roofing contractor in Orange County to just fix the problem.

But, what if you are looking to replace your roof strictly to enhance the beauty of your home, i.e. merely for aesthetic reasons? Do you need a motive to justify the expense if your roof appears to be in relatively good shape, and, especially if you covet a costly roofing installation for expensive roofing materials such as slate, cedar shake or a metal roof, as opposed to the less-expensive, and perhaps more-practical, alternative of asphalt shingles? Well, even if you are fortunate enough to be unscathed from leaking or damage to your present roof, you might want to take into consideration the longevity of your roof and how many more years of life it has first. Continue reading

Trends in Residential Roof Design

health benefits of poolsIn keeping up with the current overall remodeling trend with an eye to green living and conserving energy, the roofing industry has certainly done its part. In an effort to appeal to younger homebuyers, the roofing industry has kept pace with up-and-coming green technology i.e. its emphasis is on earthy, nature-inspired roof shingles, but it also has created roofing styles which arches and curves to allow for different architectural finishing textures. Although these trending concepts in roof design are admirable, they are more than just a beautiful facade. Today’s roofs don’t just look more eco-friendly, they are comprised of materials including laminated asphalt, sustainable roofing like cedar shakes and shingles, or roofing tiles. Contemporary trends in roof colors will be on the light side, perfect for this warm-weather state. Even though buying a roof, solely for energy conversation and being kind to the environment is a driving force with current roofing trends, fashion now pays a bigger role as more homeowners seek stylish roofing that has character as well as architectural interest. Continue reading

Windows and Exterior Design

health benefits of poolsRenovating your home to improve energy efficiency, aesthetic appeal or just for resale value is never a waste of money. In fact, realtors will tell you that if you want to sell your home as quickly as possible and maximize your return on investment, potential buyers take note of curb appeal. So, before you go ahead with any plans for interior decorating prior to putting your home on the market, do consider enhancing with this trio of exterior decorating items guaranteed to appeal to potential buyers and garner a higher price for your home: Continue reading

Health Benefits of a Backyard Pool

health benefits of poolsIf the swimming-for-health benefits bug has bitten you, you probably have already considered installing a pool in your backyard living area. The close proximity and availability of a pool 24/7 entices you for sure, and as a health regimen, the benefits of swimming on a regular basis simply cannot be beat. But, what still niggles at your mind is the fact that you are unsure whether or not you should ruin a perfectly landscaped yard by installing an in-ground pool. There are several factors to take into consideration. Contemporary trends in waterscape features and fiberglass pools, now available in a variety of shapes and sizes, will allow you to preserve your softscape, like garden beds, beautiful trees, finely manicured lawn and landscaping, and still have a pool. Even a small, narrow lap pool can be installed into a yard with minimal detraction from your current landscaping. You should consult a pool construction contractor who specializes in landscape design in Monmouth County. Such a person or company can lend their expertise in choosing an in-ground pool that will mesh with your existing Hardscape or softscape features, or embed a pool into your background living space that will incorporate such beautiful new features into the setting as a waterfall or adjoining spa. The result would be in tune with your current rustic or naturalistic theme, or perhaps a new, more-tropical paradise setting could be achieved. There are many options to consider when factoring an in-ground pool into your backyard and keeping your prized landscaping intact while striving for the aesthetic look you desire. Even in states with four distinct seasons, the health benefits of having your own pool far outweigh any doubts about disturbing existing landscape or how many calendar days you might be able to enjoy that pool. Why not consult with an expert today to help you make the decision that’s right for you? Continue reading

Prepare the Backyard for Winter

hardscapesIn cold-weather

It seems like in just a matter of days you went from lounging around the pool to huddling around the fire pit and rubbing your hands together to keep warm. Indian Summer has come and gone and you know it’s time – time to pack away all vestiges of Summer and put the garden to bed.

You’ve already made the mental list of your agenda; in fact you probably have it committed to memory, because in any cold-weather state, you know that each of the four seasons involve their own separate and distinct outdoor chore list. Continue reading

Hardscape Design Trends

hardscapesThe most popular trend in Hardscape design today is paver bricks. They are durable and come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes and are the perfect accessory for all around your home, from driveways and front walks to elaborate patios in your backyard living area – pavers are simply the way to go. Continue reading

What is Landscape Design?

landscape and garden designIf you regularly subscribe to home and gardening publications, or peruse the internet looking at impressive landscape ideas, you might have come across the term “landscape design” and words associated with it to describe people who specialize in that field. These experts are referred to as “landscape architects”, “landscape designers”, or sometimes “landscape consultants”. Wikipedia, the online source most people frequent these days, defines landscape design as “an independent profession and a design and art tradition, practiced by landscape designers, combining nature and culture. In contemporary practice landscape design bridges between landscape architecture and garden design.” Continue reading

Fall Landscape Design Ideas

pool safety
Fall décor is more than pumpkins

You may think the Spring and Summer are the seasons for creating the ultimate design and coordination of color in your garden and backyard living space, but this is not true. The Fall season is a wonderful time to create a picturesque setting of shrubs and trees which every Fall will be cloaked in Mother Nature’s many hues: crimson, gold and burnt orange to name a few. The finest paintbrushes and most-extraordinary pigments could never hope to duplicate those exquisite colors that nature has created for us. Most gardeners, or people in general, look at Fall as a time of harvest and putting the garden to bed. It is a sad ritual for someone who has tended their perennials, rose bushes and annuals with the utmost of care by deadheading and fertilizing regularly and watering sometimes daily throughout the growing season. If you’re lucky, in a cold-weather state such as New Jersey, the TLC you’ve rendered to your prized flowers and bushes might have them still blooming profusely throughout the Fall. If you want a yard that is ablaze in color throughout the Fall season, why not seek the advice of a contractor whose expertise is in landscape design in Monmouth County? He or she will enable you to choose the best combination of trees, bushes, shrubs, vines and groundcover to create the best of Fall’s bounty of beautiful colors and astounding foliage, right in your own backyard.
Continue reading

Backyard Pool Safety Equipment

pool safety
Backyard pools can provide oceans of fun, whether you like to swim and do laps or simply cool off under the sunlight with family and friends. But to paraphrase Spider-Man, “with great luxury comes great responsibility.” With that in mind we come to one of the most important concerns of any pool owner: pool safety. Lets examine some of the most crucial pieces of equipment for keeping your pool area safe.

Pool Fences

If little feet are running around in your backyard, you’d better make sure that they never get near the pool unsupervised. The best way to prevent that from happening is to enclose the pool area with a fence. As one of the most important accompaniments for any type of pool design, fencing can be selected in various styles. The most childproof option is four-way isolation fencing, which will enclose your pool around all four sides within your backyard. Another option is perimeter fencing, which would encase your pool like a shoehorn to the back-door area of your house. If you intend on having adults over for pool parties, you might opt instead for removable fencing, which can easily be set aside whenever the backyard area gets crowded with guests (which is bound to happen when you have a great pool!)


Pool Nets

Of course, fencing is not the only way to keep children, cats and dogs out of the pool; you could always opt for netting whenever the pool is not in use. In as little as five minutes, a net can be placed over just about any backyard pool; all you would have to do is fasten the net hooks to the poolside anchors. Designed to withstand the heaviest of objects, pool nets serve as safety barriers whenever children wander into pool areas unsupervised.

Pool Covers

What about those times of year when swimming and outdoor lounging are the last things on your mind? That, my friend, is what pool covers are for. It’s important to note here that winter pool covers only function as safety covers if they can withstand roughly 500 pounds of pressure per five-ft. radius. When it rains in Greenwich, a mesh cover will provide the cleanest protection by allowing precipitation to slip through the small surface holes. You could also opt for a solid vinyl safety cover, but in order to prevent the buildup of rain puddles, you should only choose one with drain panels.


Pool Alarms

Now that you know how to keep the kids out, you might be wondering how to keep intruders from entering your pool area? Well depending on your pool design and layout, you could foolproof the area with either a gate or door alarm. If your pool is enclosed with a four-sided fence, a gate alarm will attach to the entrance and activate upon signs of an intrusion. For a pool area that’s partially enclosed by the backdoor portion of your house, you could simply opt for a front-door alarm and keep your whole house protected in the process.


Poolside Sensors

Then again, alarms can also be used as another type of childproofing mechanism. If you like that idea, your best bet is either a perimeter alarm or wave sensor. Mounted to your pool fence, a perimeter alarm will sound off whenever an unsupervised child crosses its beam. Attached to the edge of your pool, a wave sensor will activate if any child, dog or cat makes contact with the water. These devices will generally cover an eight-yard radius and emit decibel levels of up to 110.


Anti-Suction Systems

Now that we’ve covered all the devices that will stop little people and non-swimmers from falling into your pool, it’s time to talk about one of the most lethal of all underwater dangers: pool drains. Due to a number of incidents where swimmers got their hair and limbs caught in the suction of those damn things, federal law now requires the installation of safety drains. On pools built before the Dec. 2008 passage of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act, a Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) will create a suction release whenever body parts or foreign objects make contact with a drain.

With all these things considered, you owe it to yourself to have a pool installed in your backyard. A pool can provide tons of fun for you and your friends and family; it can also add value to your property. But if you do go ahead with the plan, your pool should uphold Greenwich pool safety standards and be accompanied with sensor alarms, fencing and an anti-suction system.