Tips for Renovating an Older Home

Renovating an Older Home

Renovating an Older Home

Renovating an older home need not be a challenge.  Older homes, as most people know, were more carefully built and made of better building materials than is true now.  Builders were craftsmen and proud of their trade, while many homes today are prefabricated or built using computer-generated models, as opposed to an architect creating a blueprint on his drawing board.  Whether you are renovating a home you’ve lived in for awhile, or one you’ve just purchased, a mere handful of renovations can create a remarkable change to your home.  Renovating, as opposed to remodeling, is just a minor change in finish or color to the interior or exterior of a structure in order to make it more visually appealing.  Sometimes this is accomplished with a coat or two or paint; even adding landscaping around the property constitutes renovation.

If your renovation plans are simple, you might end up doing them yourself, but, if they are on a grander scale, you might want to consider retaining an exterior remodeling expert in Decatur, Georgia area to consult, plan or design the proposed enhancement to your home. Continue reading

Remodeling The Garage

Garage Structures

Garage Structures

In a warm-weather state it is preferable to have a garage to keep the car in at all times to avoid sun damage to the car’s interior and to prevent the car’s exterior paint color from fading.  Further, if you’ve ever stepped into a car on a hot day … well, you know the advantage of keeping your car parked in a cool garage, as opposed to having it sitting outside with the sun beating down on it.

Types of garage structures

There are two types of garage structures – attached and detached.   The latter is also referred to as a stand-alone garage.

Depending on the size and style of your home, an attached garage is not always necessarily accessible from the inside of the house, a fact that many people with attached garages without inside access will bemoan on a rainy day or in the late evening.

If you are considering any enhancements to the exterior of your garage, here are a few ideas for adding curb appeal to your home with your newly remodeled garage. Continue reading

How to Increase Home Value

Add a Sunroom

Add a Sunroom

If you want to increase your home’s value it is not always just about “keeping up with the Joneses” but enhancing the exterior of your home.  Sometimes, even though your home’s exterior is in perfect shape, and the landscaping is superb, there is always that something extra that can be added for improved curb appeal and increased value to your home.

A trending word these days is “repurposing” – taking what you already have and making it into something better.   Remodeling your home is akin to repurposing it, only you don’t turn it into another object, just a better version of the prior home … think of it as upgrading.

Few tweaks

Sometimes the smallest addition makes the biggest impact.  For example, a new, beautiful wood front door with an ornate stained glass inset could “make” the front of your home.  Likewise, plopping a porch pot with a bounty of seasonal flowers near a two-seater bench by that front door will most definitely lend ambiance to your home. A rocking chair on the porch adds a touch of hominess and says “welcome friends” that sometimes supersedes any type of remodeling efforts. Continue reading

Green Home Remodeling

This guest post was written by David Lionetti.

David Lionetti is the owner of Shoreline Pools and is an expert on remodeling the exterior of any home.  Shoreline Pools is a pool design and construction company in Greenwhich Ct.

Remodeling the exterior of your home … it’s both exciting and overwhelming at the same time. You’ve planned this for years, and now you’re finally ready to do it. You have some ideas about how you want the exterior of your house to look, and you’re ready to forge ahead … but you want to keep the costs down as much as possible, too. That’s where green home remodeling comes in. Believe it or not, there are quite a few actions you can take that will save both money and natural resources. And the maintenance required with green remodeling often pales in comparison to the upkeep of an ungreen house. Here are some tips and benefits to incorporating green into your next exterior home remodeling project.Green Home Remodeling


One of the simplest and most profitable ways to incorporate green into your home exterior remodeling design is with paint. And, as far as ‘green’ paint goes, healthy is the key word. It’s true, green paints are just plain healthier. They aren’t just better for the environment of the world … they’re better for your environment. Green paints don’t contain the toxic chemicals that so often adversely affect health. In fact, if you have children or pets, green is the only way to go. Not only do toxic paints contribute to indoor and outdoor pollution that, if breathed in, can cause health problems; they also get into the ground water, causing contamination to your drinking water supply. For instance, did you know that non-green paints often contain formaldehyde? Wait a minute … isn’t that what morticians use? Yes! And you certainly don’t want formaldehyde in your drinking water. If you use a ‘green’ paint for your exterior design project, you won’t have to worry about the toxic side effects of formaldehyde, or any of the other chemicals found in regular paints. Continue reading

How to Prepare for Winter

Prepare for Winter

Prepare for Winter

For many people living in Mid Coast Maine, as well as any other cold-weather state, they are already covering their ears with mittened hands after hearing all the dire predictions for another wicked Winter season.

When the Spring thaw finally occurred this year, did you go outside your home and find any consequences resulting from your poor preparation for the Winter weather after the brutal Winter of 2013-2014?  It would be no surprise, because even the well-prepared homeowner could never have fathomed what Mother Nature had up her sleeve last year. Continue reading

Remodeling An Older Home

Older Home

Older Home

The term “remodeling” is different from the term “renovating”, and, the most significant difference is that the former involves a change in the overall structure of a home, as opposed to the latter, which is merely adding enhancements, such as color, finish or landscaping.  In the case of older homes, you also should not confuse the word “renovation” with “restoration”.  The word “restoration” means the homeowner is seeking to restore areas of the home, which have begun to deteriorate, back to their original condition.  This is a costly venture, and involves duplicating to a “T” anything, from a lowly knob, to a whole area of the house.   This is an especially tedious task in the case of homes which are prized for their historical value.  As to remodeling an older house, most remodeling jobs involve the addition of a room, or area of the house, or changing the style of a rooftop, and, unlike a simple renovation, which may be a DIY project or involve one contractor, an extensive remodeling job usually involves an architect who must be retained to design and plan the project, then multiple contractors with various specialties whose presence may be needed at some point in the remodeling venture.

Remodeling an older home is much trickier because you must deal with the dilemma of old wiring, plumbing or sometimes an ancient heating or cooling system.  Thus, remodeling an older home, is best left to a person skilled in this subject such as a professional remodeling contractor in Mid Coast Maine. Continue reading