How to Maintain A Deck

Maintain A Deck

In a cold-weather state there is nothing like that first warm day when you run outside to uncover the deck furniture and the barbecue.  You waited many long months to stretch out on that chaise lounge and contemplate life from your perch on the deck.  (It’s also a great place to survey all the yard work which soon must be done.)

Owning a home comes with its share of joys and miseries.  Some of the miseries include the maintenance on the interior and exterior of the home, not to mention keeping the landscaping, driveways and sidewalks in tip-top shape.  If you have a pool, that’s more maintenance.

Unless you have a faux wood deck, such as the Trex brand (Trex Company, Inc.), you have another annual job – maintaining and preserving your wooden deck.  A Trek maintenance-free deck, constructed of 95% manmade materials, requires just a routine soap-and-water cleanup,  and  obviates the need for this annual painstaking, and often messy chore, but, its somewhat slippery surface, can be dangerous for slip and falls, and there are many homeowners, who are purists who desire only a real wooden deck due to its rustic good looks. Continue reading