Convert The Attic Into a 2nd Story

Attic Conversion

Attic Conversion

Most homeowners bemoan the fact that there never seems to be enough storage space in their living quarters.  While the kids are still at home, you often scratch your head and say “where do I put all their stuff?”  First, there is baby or kids’ furniture to store, then it is their toys, hobbies or sports equipment, plus there is always YOUR stuff.  No matter whether it is a large or small family, in order to keep your home neat and tidy, sometimes you need a place to tuck it all away.  Unfortunately, the perfect space for storage is usually the basement or attic.  If you are that rare bird that abides by the rule that for every new item brought into the house, a similar old item must go out the door, then you don’t have worries about controlling your clutter.

If you have a large home, you probably have a large attic as well.  Are you using that attic for off-season storage of clothes or seasonal decorations, or does it go largely unused?  Are you planning to expand your family in the near future, because then that attic space, converted to living quarters, could come in handy.  Have you ever given any thought to creating a loft or some type of second-floor living quarters for your extended family, or, perhaps even for rental purposes? Continue reading

Sunroom Design Trends

“Let the Shine In” was not only the featured song in the 1967 musical “Hair” but it is also the mantra if you live in a warm-weather place like Mesa, Arizona.  You’d better like it hot, because the average temperatures in the warmest months of June through August, are 100 degrees plus!Sunroom Design

Though it might seem that Arizonians would spend the bulk of those warmest months hunkered down in air-conditioned places like their home, car or the shopping mall, they must like that dry heat or they wouldn’t live in such a hot climate.

Of course, there are plenty of days the rest of the year that are not scorchers, and enjoying a little warm air is tolerable, especially if you have a beautiful sunroom that is part of your living area.

There are two types of sunroom additions to consider, i.e. the most-popular method of just adding a built-on room, or the less-popular way of merely converting a large room to a sunroom with the addition of floor-to-ceiling windows.

But, let’s look at the options available if you are considering a total remodeling addition to your home.  Bear in mind, however, that such an extensive revision to your home’s existing structure, like the work that building a sunroom would entail, is best left to the professionals.  A home remodeling contractor in Mesa, Arizona, would be the ideal expert to contact if you’re interesting in getting a sunroom and to discuss what current designs are trending for sunrooms. Continue reading